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Miho Unexpected Shop: the official ecommerce for unique home decoration. approfondimenti

New York, December 1st 2014 – Miho Unexpected Things, the emerging brand in the home decoration market, introduces Miho Unexpected Shop, its official e-commerce platform for Usa and Canada. 

At www.mihounexpectedshop.com you can find Miho entire collection, from the best seller eco deer heads to the decorative birdhouses, from the Made in Italy rugs to the colorful flowers and fishes, and much more.

With its unique design, Miho Unexpected Things brings an unconventional, fun touch to any room: kitchens, halls, living rooms and bedrooms of any size and style come alive with Miho!

Miho Unexpected Things eco deer heads, birdhouses, fishes and flowers are made with green materials and non-toxic colors.  

They come flat-packed and can be assembled in a few minutes without any tools: have fun creating your own home decoration with ease! 

Crafted in jacquard fabric and entirely Made in Italy, Miho carpets are available in different sizes and patterns to perfectly suit any need.

Miho Unexpected Things home decorations have been chosen by the best retailer in the world and are now available directly to the consumers in Usa and Canada through the official e-commerce portal Miho Unexpected Shop. The products are delivered directly from the company headquarter in Italy; neither duties nor extra costs are due upon receipt of the goods. 

As a special promotion for the Holiday season, shipping is free until December, 18th on orders over 100 $.

Get in touch with Miho Unexpected Things on Facebook, and visit the official North America eShop at www.mihounexpectedshop.com

Wish you an unexpected Christmas!

Miho Unexpected Things Team

For any further information:

Miho Unexpected Things

Pianezza Paolo s.r.l.

Località Oro, 6 - 21030 Azzio (VA) 

t. 0332 630527 – f. 0332 631121

Mrs Paola Pianezza



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